TRX Swell Plug
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TRX Swell Plug

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TRX Compressed Swell Plug  - designed to be used by the Do-It-Yourself homeowner and commercial property managers for their maintenance staff. It is designed as a simple one time application to permanently stop 5/8" tie-rod hole leaks in poured concrete foundations.

The unique feature of the TRX is its two stage sealing capability.

  • The first step allows for immediate water shut off due to the compression of the shaft as it is tightened in place. 
  • Once snug, then the second stage of sealing begins when the blue shaft reacts to the presence of water causing it to swell in place. After the shaft is exposed to water, the swell plug will deploy and create a compressed fit for a long term permanent seal. 
  • We encourage the customer to view the video on the home page to make sure your basement has this condition.

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  • When Not To Use: The TRX Compressed Swell Plug is not designed to be used when the tie rod hole has a wall crack located through the hole, nor is it designed to be used when the tie rod hole is located within a honeycomb area of concrete; (where excessive aggregate has cured in a given area causing seepage through the aggregate). If the tie-rod hole has been repaired before then it must be drilled out clean with a 5/8" masonry bit prior to application. The TRX is not designed to be used on snap-ties. Snap-ties are small metal bars in the  concrete wall that have been broken off.  Sometimes this forming method is used instead of  conventional 5/8" reinforcement rods.

When installing the TRX, tighten to a "Hand tighten SNUG FIT ONLY". Over tightening the TRX plug may cause failure. The TRX plug is a two stage sealing device: 
  • Plug is sealed by compression with a hand tightened snug fit.
  • When water is present, blue shaft is water activated and completes the final seal.
Flush tie rod hole with water after opening and prior to installation of the TRX Swell Plug.